Tackling Dampness in your Attic

The attic is a common place for dampness to build up. Most people use the attic as a hobby room, spare bedroom, laundry room or storage area. Moisture in the attic can be caused by anything from leakage to condensation to regularly drying laundry. Often, this area is one of the stuffiest, worst ventilated spaces in your home. When excess dampness is present, your most prized possessions are put at risk of being damaged by condensation and mold. Make sure you can safely use your attic as a living or storage space and get rid of the excess dampness.

Causes of Dampness in Your Attic

It is important to first find the source of the dampness. You may find that the high humidity is caused by lack of ventilation, condensation on walls or windows, or that there is a particular place in your attic where humidity is seeping in. You need to find the source of the dampness so you can decide the best strategy in tackling it:

If dampness is seeping in from the roof, it might be that the roofing is damaged and needs to be repaired. Asphalt shingle roofs will often last only 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Stone roofs are more durable, but individual roof tiles may get damaged or displaced during storms.

When you use appliances such as a water heater, washer or dryer, make sure they do not leak and that the attic is properly ventilated to remove the moisture produced by these devices. Converting the attic to a bedroom or office? Adding sufficient ventilation is essential to your health.

Condensation is mostly caused by temperature differences between outside and inside environments. Adding sufficient insulation can make a big difference. Be sure to consult a professional about the type and thickness of materials suitable for your residence. Unprofessional insulation can trap moisture and cause the roof to degrade quickly. Using a non-electric dehumidifier to constantly lower the relative humidity will also help.

Recommended Pingi Dehumidifiers for Attics

Attics used for storage are usually musty because they are always closed off. A Pingi Basic dehumidifier can be a perfect solution for this problem. Pingi Basic products will constantly remove excess moisture from insufficiently ventilated attics, helping to prevent mold and musty odors. Using the attic intensively? Consider PingiXtreme or Pingii-Dry XL, as they have more absorption capacity.