• Attracts humidity like a magnet • Reusable • Carbon Fiber Look • Rechargeable • Clear Windshield, safer driving Works with all vehicle and marine interiors • Brush wheels and rims • Scratch-free cleaning side Nylon • Soft bristles • Rubber edges • Robust, ergonomic handle Convenient and easy to use Heavy artillery agains odours and humidity The Original Pingi Dehumidifier Reusable With special humidity indicator DEHUMIDIFIERS REINVENTED

Leading Dehumidifier Brand

PINGI is an InnoGoods BV brand. Since 2006 it has been our aim to bring customers the most innovative dehumidifying and car care products. Our products are sold throughout the world in over 20 countries. This would not be possible without offering the very best in product quality, on-time delivery and customer value.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Whether you have a moisture problem in your home, car or anywhere else, we can help you solve it. Check out our range of innovative Premium car cleaning items, browse our extensive catalog of consumer products or check our ‘About moisture’-article section. We’re here to help you.