High humidity levels can cause plenty problems, with the most noticeable one being musky odors and unpleasant air. But there are a variety of other nuisances caused by excess moisture, such as stains, alleviated growth of mildew and dust mites, and damage to furniture and clothes.

Keep track of humidity levels in your home, car and boat with our Hygrometer PHT-100, and know exactly when you should consider using one of our dehumidifiers.

While increased levels of moisture can cause stale and unpleasant air, dry air is no better. Dry mouth, irritated eyes and cracks in wooden furniture are among the problems caused by relative air humidity going too low. The PHT-100 lets you monitor humidity levels in your home, car, boat or cabin quickly and easily.

Small and Convenient

Equipped with a clearly visible indicator, as well as a markup for recommended humidity levels, the PHT-100 is perfect for quickly assessing the relative air humidity. The convenient size, coupled with an included stand makes the product perfect for usage in any indoor space, no matter how small or large it may be. The PHT-100 can also be wall mounted.

Easy Measurements

The hygrometer requires no power supply, and can take measurements virtually anywhere and in nearly any position.