PINGI SKYLA Humidifier set with polymer gel pearls


Product Description

Start feeling comfortable again in your home or office. This set contains two PINGI Skyla™ humidifiers. They are designed to help you combat dry air and refresh the ambient air in your home. Thanks to their ingenious sleek design your new humidifiers will look beautiful in any room.

These humidifiers have been developed to make optimal use of natural air circulation and ambient heating. You can conveniently hang them from a radiator or place them on the included stands. Each Skyla™ humidifier comes with a set op polymer gel pearls that can absorb water and gradually release it into the atmosphere during use.

Hang them from your radiators or use the included stands to place them on window sills, desks, shelves or anywhere else.

Humidifier and Air Freshener in one.

If you also want to use a Skyla™ humidifier as an air freshener, you can add a few drops of fragrance from the included bottle to the water.