Enhance your indoor air quality with the Pingi Cascada CHD-A4000D digital ultrasonic humidifier, a compact and efficient solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels at home. Every breath we take impacts our well-being, and dry air can cause sore throats, red eyes, and dry nasal passages. The CHD-A4000D combats these issues by using high-frequency vibrations to produce a fine mist, alleviating dryness and promoting better sleep and overall comfort. Unlike conventional steam humidifiers, it transforms up to 300ml of water per hour into a fine mist without relying on heat, ensuring energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.

The CHD-A4000D stands out with its intelligent humidity control functions, featuring integrated sensors that maintain the perfect balance of moisture in the air. Users can customize humidity levels from RH 30% to RH 90%, tailored to their specific needs. Operating quietly at less than 36 dB, this humidifier is perfect for any room. Its modern, elegant design fits seamlessly into any decor, and the included remote control allows for easy operation. Refilling the 4L tank is simple, whether pouring water from the top or filling it under the tap, ensuring hours of continuous humidification. The device also includes a water filter cartridge for added convenience, making the Pingi Cascada CHD-A4000D a reliable choice for maintaining comfortable and healthy indoor air quality.

Your Pingi Cascada CHD-A4000D digital ultrasonic humidifier is your ideal compact humidifying solution.

Every day, we breathe some 20,000 times, taking in about 12,000 litres of air. The quality of the air that we breathe has a direct effect on our well-being. Among a host of other discomforts, room air that is too dry will leave you with a sore throat, red eyes and a dry nose.

Better Air: Your Cascada humidifier creates high-frequency vibrations to produce a fine mist. If you’re struggling with dry eyes, nose, throat and lips, a quality humidifier is essential to have. Higher relative humidity will help you prevent air dryness that can cause irritation and discomfort. Put an end to these discomforts with a Cascada humidifier, so you can enjoy quality sleep and feel better.

Ultrasonic technology: Unlike conventional steam humidifiers, this high-end humidifier does not rely on heat. With the help of ultrasonic vibrations, instead of using a lot of energy to evaporate water by heating it, this ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency vibrations to transform up to 300ml of water per hour into a fine mist. Without resulting in high energy bills, this helps keep the air humid.

Intelligent Automatic Control: What distinguishes your Cascada CHD-A4000D ultrasonic humidifier is its intelligent humidity control functions. This product comes with integrated sensors to maintain the perfect balance between dry and humid, unlike other humidifiers that can over-humidify the air. To suit your needs, you can set the humidity level from RH 30% to RH 90%.

Silent Operation: Ultrasonic humidifiers in the Pingi Cascada series are designed to operate in quiet harmony with their surroundings. Ultrasonic humidification is very quiet and produces < 36 dB in sound. This product also has a convenient timer and the LCD screen light can be dimmed.

Stylish Design: This ultrasonic humidifier will suit pretty much any environment thanks to its elegantly modern design. You won’t even have to get up to use your humidifier, thanks to the convenient remote control.

Easy to Refill: Need to refill the tank? There’s no need to carry a heavy tank around. Only pour water in from the top, and you’re all right to go! Would you like to fill it in under the tap instead? That is of course also possible.

Tank capacity: The tank capacity is 4L, which means you won’t have to refill the tank every few hours. Sit back, relax and enjoy the moisturized air’s soothing effect. With a single fill, your Cascada humidifier will humidify for many hours on end. A water filter cartridge is included with the device.