Introducing the heavy-duty champion of moisture absorption: PINGI XL. Engineered for endurance, this larger-than-life moisture-absorbing bag boasts an extended absorption capacity, ensuring prolonged performance that goes the distance. Whether in your car, boat, or caravan, PINGI XL is the ultimate ally in combating dampness and preserving your prized possessions.

Equipped with a special indicator, PINGI XL keeps you informed—simply watch as the colour changes from blue to pink, signalling when it’s time for a recharge. And recharging is a breeze: just 2 x 6 minutes in the microwave oven at ± 600 Watts, and PINGI XL rejuvenates, hygienically evaporating retained moisture for continued effectiveness.

With an impressive absorption capacity of 180cc per cycle, PINGI XL stands tall as the solution to your moisture woes, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment wherever you go.

The heavy duty variety of the PINGI bag. The larger absorption capacity makes PINGI XL last even longer. Ideal for use in your car, boat or caravan.

When saturated, the special indicator will change colour; when the indicator colour has changed from blue to pink, recharging is required. 2 x 6 minutes of heating in the microwave oven at ± 600 Watts and the retained moisture will hygienically evaporate from PINGI XL.

Absorption capacity is 180cc per cycle.