The PINGI DSB-600C reusable dehumidifier effectively absorbs moisture from the air and keeps humidity levels under control. The product combats condensation, musty scents, and other problems associated with excess humidity. Your PINGI reusable dehumidifier absorbs the excess moisture and safely retains it. As the dehumidifying bag gradually fills with absorbed moisture, it gradually gets heavier until it’s time to dry it out in the oven. 

• Original Pingi moisture absorber
• Effectively absorbs and retains excess humidity from the air
• Humidity indicator stand included
• Oven-dryable
• Can be used again and again
• For home, car, caravan and more

Product Description

Many applications: PINGI dehumidifiers can be used effectively in your home, and they are also at home in your car, caravan, caravan or boat. Protect your clothing and other humidity-sensitive possessions from the detrimental effects of high humidity by using a PINGI reusable dehumidifying bag. 

Oven-dryable: The DSB-600C reusable dehumidifier can be dried out in the oven. No refill packs are required to renew it. Simply place the pouch in the oven to dry it out, and after drying and cooling down, it will be ready for use again. 

Humidity indicator clip: The dehumidifier comes with a smart indicator clip that you can slide onto the product. The indicator dot on this clip will change colour when the product is full. The colour of the humidity indicator changes from white (READY) to green (FULL).

Trusted brand: PINGI reusable dehumidifiers are used by millions of people around the world to keep moisture problems at bay. This original Pingi quality product guarantees you many cycles of worry-free use. Pingi reusable dehumidifying bags product have been extensively tested in Germany for chemical safety and ease of use.

Packaging content:
• Pingi Reusable Dehumidifier 600
• Stand with humidity indicator
• Manual (English/German/French/Dutch/Polish/Italian)