While dampness in small spaces can quickly be eliminated by smaller PINGI products, garages, workrooms and other larger areas may require more potent tools. Being the largest reusable PINGI product, the i-Dry XL is heavy artillery when it comes to fighting bad odours and humidity in places where there’s not enough ventilation.

There are spaces that, even when opened up and used every day, build up excess moisture, resulting in damp air and musky odours. The PINGI i-Dry XL was created to combat just this kind of problem.

Maximum Absorption Efficiency

The i-Dry XL is our largest product in the i-Dry series. The larger product surface area makes it perfect for places where the air is constantly saturated with excess moisture, which, if not tended to, can cause a variety of problems, ranging from bad scents to bacteria growth and the buildup of mold.

Convenience and Easy Usability

As opposed to regular electrical dehumidifiers, the i-Dry XL doesn’t require continuous power flow while working, enabling you to install it in places where a power source is not readily available. A special indicator will tell you when the product needs recharging. When that happens, just plug it in a regular socket, and the i-Dry XL will be ready for more work after recharging.