Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier 1KG

The Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier is an innovative car accessory that gets rid of condensation and musty odors in your vehicle. Utilizing our proven PINGI dehumidifying technology, the product effectively absorbs excess moisture and makes driving safer and more pleasant.


No Leaks

Unlike regular calcium chloride dehumidifiers, the Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier will never leak or leave stains that might cause damage to the your car interior. The innovative absorbent effectively traps moisture, greatly reducing relative humidity in the car interior.

No Refills Needed

PINGI Car-Dehumidifier was developed keeping convenience in mind. There is no reason to rely on bulky and inconvenient products that are more trouble than they’re worth.  The easy-to-use Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier quickly and efficiently eliminates moisture as well as musty odours, making your road experience that much more enjoyable.

Product Description

Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier 1KG

Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier offers a quick and easy way to remove dampness from your car, caravan, RV and boat. It is your best choice against fogged up windshields and other moisture related problems. Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier attracts the excess humidity in your vehicle like a magnet. The absorbed water is safely retained without ever leaking out during use. And the best thing? It does not need refills!

Over time a car interior accumulates quite a lot of humidity, fogging up windows and making it almost impossible to see the road. Foggy windows are a not merely a nuisance – every car owner will agree that driving under such conditions is extremely dangerous.

The innovative Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier battles this problem valiantly, attracting excess moisture like a magnet, and effectively absorbing it. The product eliminates excess moisture, ensuring the comfort and safety of starting your daily commute with a clear windshield.

The product will also eliminate any bad odours that may have accumulated in the car interior. Your vehicle will have the same fresh smell as when you just bought it. The Mega Pingi Car-Dehumidifier hits two birds with one stone, making your driving experience safer, and that much more enjoyable.