Transform your vehicle’s interior with PINGI Legends Textile Cleaner, the ultimate ready-to-use solution for automotive carpets and textiles. Expertly formulated to tackle tough stains and revive textile colors, this cleaner offers outstanding cleaning power with the added bonus of a pleasant fragrance. Perfect for mats, seats, and other fabric surfaces, Legends Textile Cleaner ensures your car’s interior looks and smells fresh. For great results, spray directly onto the textiles, allow the  cleaner some time to activate and blot the stain with a dry cotton cloth. Always remember to test on an inconspicuous area first and read the product label before use.

PINGI Legends Textile Cleaner is a ready to use stain remover for automotive carpets and textile. It has excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant fragrance. Legends Textile Cleaner can be sprayed directly on mats, seats and other textiles in your vehicle. 

• Cleans upholstery thoroughly
• Revives textile colours.
• Ready to use