When it comes to car dehumidifiers, people often see them as a single purpose investment. The truth is, no matter where you live, or how often you use your car, there are several uses for a dehumidifier in your car. Most uses fall under the categories of weather, accidents, or daily accumulation.



It makes sense that we’d want a dehumidifier in humid conditions. Rain, or warm moist air being drawn in from nearby bodies of water, can wreak havoc on a car if left to their own devices. Many of us don’t realize, however, that there are also reasons to use a dehumidifier in the colder months. Moisture left in cars over the summer will dry up much faster than in the winter, even if it’s a humid day. Moisture accumulated in the winter will persist for days, or even weeks since it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.



Whether it’s spilled liquids, or leaving the sunroof open on the wrong day, the average driver is bound to experience at least one moisture-related accident in their lifetime. Having a dehumidifier handy on day one can help to prevent replacement costs for seats or entire sections of flooring a week later.


Daily Accumulation

Even the cleanest and most meticulous drivers have to breathe, perhaps even sweat from time to time. That moisture released into the air doesn’t just go away. If left unchecked, it gradually works its way into the seats and other surfaces of your vehicle, attributing to the “old car smell” you’re left with over time. Spring, summer, fall, winter – the seasons don’t matter much on this one. Having a dehumidifier for daily use can keep odor-causing moisture buildup to a minimum.