Saving water – Pingi’s 10 tips

At Pingi we are committed to helping you solve moisture problems. Even though water might sometimes cause problems, it is also our precious natural resource. That is why we have 10 tips to help your family conserve water. Illustrator Ayesha Deane has made the fun illustrations.

water-save-tip-no1 water-save-tip-no2 water-save-tip-no3 water-save-tip-no4 water-save-tip-no5

Water saving tip no.1:

Buy efficiënt appliances, for example washing machines and dishwashers.

Water saving tip no.2:

Load your washing machine and dishwasher to maximum capacity to save water.

Water saving tip no.3:

Shorter showering really helps conserve water and energy. Shower for max. 5 minutes.

Water saving tip no.4:

Close the tap while brushing your teeth. No need to waste two minutes of clean water.

Water saving tip no.5:

Install a toilet with a water saving function. Only use the big button sparsely.

water-save-tip-no6 water-save-tip-no7 water-save-tip-no8 water-save-tip-no9 water-save-tip-no10

Water saving tip no.6:

Waiting for hot water from the tap? Do not let the water go to waste, but fill your kettle or watering can.

Water saving tip no.7:

Cool tap water in the summer? Keep a bottle in the fridge. Remember to refresh it regularly.

Water saving tip no.8:

Install a water butt in your garden. No need to use drinking water for your plants and trees.

Water saving tip no.9:

Check for leaks regularly. Repair leaking taps and toilets as soon as possible. Replace dried out rubbers.

Water saving tip no.10:

Install water savers. Generic water savers  are easy to install and available at most plumbing stores.