Dealing with Dampness in your Self Storage Unit

Dampness is the last thing you want to deal with when it comes to your storage unit and its contents. Self storage solutions are not cheap, and it is a terrible waste to lose clothing and furniture to black mold and humidity. It is vital to take care of dampness in your storage unit as soon as the problem arises. Preventing dampness and mold in your storage unit is just as important as dealing with moisture in the house that you live in.

Getting Rid of Dampness in a Storage Unit

The biggest problem with dealing with dampness in a storage unit is that you don’t control the unit itself. Chances are that with dampness in the storage unit, you don’t have electricity where you can plug in a powerful electric dehumidifier. So what can you do to deal with humid or musty air? Use a non-electric dehumidifying solution.

Alternatives to Non-Electric Dehumidifiers for Solving Dampness Issues in Storage Units

Pingi dehumidifiers will actually absorb the excess humidity from the air and help you get rid of the dampness in your storage unit. The Pingi Mini (LV-150) is very suitable for use in closed storage boxes. A larger product, like the Pingi XL (LV-450), can be placed near bigger items. Make sure you are correcting the moisture problem early on so that you have a storage unit you know is keeping your stuff safe!