PINGI Aquablaster Garden


Product Description

With the Aquablaster™ Garden-edition,
Pingi introduces the versatile spray gun that no gardener should be without.

Water is the lifeblood of any garden. That is why we envisioned a tool that makes all watering tasks a breeze. Use the Aquablaster™ Garden-edition for watering your plants and pots, giving plants liquid fertiliser and for various outdoor cleaning tasks. It can be effortlessly connected to your garden hose. It comes with a universal hose connector to attach it to standard quick connectors.

The Aquablaster™ Garden-edition has eight different spray settings. You can take full control of the water flow with the throttle handle, which regulates both the water flow and the fertiliser.

Fertilisation:Pourliquid fertiliser into the Aquablaster™ Garden-edition tank and give your plants their much-needed nutrients. Of course, the product manual provides clear instructions on how to smartly use your Aquablaster with liquid fertilisers.

Blast dirt away and easily clean greenhouses, garden furniture and nearly anything else with the various powerful cleaning settings on your Aquablaster.

With the Aquablaster™ Garden-edition, all your garden watering needs are covered!

• Extremely versatile
• Universal Connector
• Precision Flow Control
• 8 Spray Settings
• Fertiliser- and Shampoo Reservoir