PINGI VIDA™ – Premium Dehumidifier

Pingi Vida lets you remove excess humidity with the touch of a button. Pingi Vida will take max. 250 ml of water from the air per day. Vida has a 1000 ml tank and will automatically switch off when it is approx 90% full. Simply slide out the tank, pour out the water and it is ready to go again.

Product Description

Pingi Vida Premium Dehumidifier

Design and quality
Designed in the Netherlands by the experts in humidity control. Pingi Vida has a clean, minimalist design that is guaranteed to look stylish in any room. 

Effective all year round
Pingi Vida can be easily switched to winter mode for extra effectiveness of its Peltier element in cold environments. In winter mode, Vida smartly uses excess heat to stabilize the cold sink temperature by using a smartly engineered mechanical curtain. 

Functional LED illumination
Vida comes with a tastefully illuminated tank. The LEDs in the tank will light up blue during normal operation. Is the tank full? The tank light will switch to red and Vida will switch off automatically. The tank light can be dimmed to night mode for nighttime use. 

It is not only its compact build that sets it apart from other clunky appliances in its class. Save floor space by using the stylish wall mount. Of course, Vida can also be used free-standing without the wall mount.

Permanent drain feature
Optionally you can hook up the included hose and hang it in a drain, sink or out of a window. This can be very convenient if you are not able to empty the tank regularly or when in high moisture conditions.

• Easy operation
• Auto-shut off
• Night mode
• Winter mode
• Permanent drain feature
• Functional LED lighting