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Pingi is a revolutionary new way to get rid of excess moisture in smaller spaces. It lowers the relative humidity of the surrounding area and fights musty odours and mildew. Unlike many other dehumidifying products, Pingi products can be reused without refills.

On this website you will find information about the unique Pingi products, tips and of course our dealer addresses. Pingi is available in over 20 countries worldwide. View products!


Humidity under control!

Smart products that effectively control humidity levels in your home, boat and car.

Easier to use products

Pingi products are designed to be decorative, versatile and fun to use. You will love them.

The friendly choice for your home

Efficient use of energy and materials. Good for nature, good for your wallet.

  • Pingi is proud to announce an all new line of natural deodorizers!  

  • Pingi products are now available in Australia. Please visit

  • Did you know Pingi Basics can also be regenerated in the sun?

  • Pingi Dryscents removes excess humidity and smells delicious!